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Would you like to try a sample inservice with your staff?  You can download a FREE Inservice Topic, in Adobe PDF format, when you register at our web site.

You may also sign up for a FREE test drive of one of our E-learning modules.

And stay In the Know with our Free Fact Sheets!  Please click on the links below to download and share our fact sheets with all of your staff.   A few sample titles are listed below.  Check out our Free Fact Sheet page for a complete listing.

5 thoughts on “Free Stuff!

  1. Just promoted to a DON at nrsg home and want to bring dull in-services to fun and walk away with actually learning something

  2. Hi, James!
    Thanks for your comment. You are just the person for whom we are inspired to create our In the Know modules! Please be sure to download our free inservice topic here. And feel free to email or call us at 877-809-5515 if you have questions about our materials.

    Congratulations on your promotion to DON. With your attitude, you are bound to be successful!
    Take care,

    Linda Leekley, BS, RN
    In the Know, Inc.

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