Stop Losing Employees. Invest in Them Instead.

Nursing assistant turnover is at an all time high.
What’s the secret to retention?


You lose another nursing assistant.   What happens next?

  • Overextended co-workers.
  • Lost productivity.
  • Reduced quality of care.
  • Increased costs.
Your organization scrambles to find another nurse aide…But in the meantime, your existing employees are working overtime and client care is suffering.  You know something needs to be done to prevent this from happening.  But what?
The key is to invest in your nursing assistants.
As front line caregivers, they deserve to feel valuedrespected, and needed.

What can you do?
Quality Continuing Education
In some states, nurse aides can become certified after just a few weeks of training. Once certified, they’re thrust into the ‘real world’ caring for real people with real illnesses.
It’s easy for new CNAs to feel overwhelmed. Staffing shortages and tense co-worker relationships almost “set up” nurse aides to fail.
That’s where continuing education comes in. Prepare YOUR nurse aides for success from DAY ONE.  Quality continuing education will help them feel motivated and confident.

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