18 Tips to Retain Quality Caregivers

According to the 2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study, 77% of healthcare agencies stated that the caregiver shortage is one of the top three threats to their workplace. This caregiver crisis is becoming an epidemic... quickly spreading nationwide and with no end in sight. What's the solution?  In a recent poll conducted by Just for CNAs, nurse… Continue reading 18 Tips to Retain Quality Caregivers

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Civility = Self-Awareness

“The test of a civilized person is first self-awareness…” ~ Clarence Day As you probably know, the Joint Commission has mandated civility training for all healthcare organizations in order to combat the rise of intimidating and disruptive behaviors among healthcare employees.  Civility training is's not like teaching a nursing skill or the facts about… Continue reading Civility = Self-Awareness

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Home Care Rising to the Top

Twenty years ago, when I worked at Duke University Medical Center, I remember clearly how some of my co-workers viewed their colleagues in home care.  I was precepting a newly hired nurse to our oncology unit.  A number of the "old timers" on the unit whispered to me, "Good luck training her!  She doesn't have… Continue reading Home Care Rising to the Top

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Are Your CNA Training Dollars Few and Far Between?

Has your budget for continuing education been cut or put on hold during this economic downturn?  When money is tight, it’s typical for many organizations to look at staff training as “non-essential”.  But, consider these results from a recent study of nearly 1200 companies, comparing the impact of recruiting externally with that of developing current… Continue reading Are Your CNA Training Dollars Few and Far Between?